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Listado de publicaciones recientes - Fotoquímica y nanomateriales para el ambiente y la Biología

"Reaction kinetics and mechanisms of organosilicon fungicide flusilazole with sulfate and hydroxyl radicals"
Mercado, D.F., Bracco, L.L.B., Arques, A., Gonzalez, M.C., Caregnato, P.
Chemosphere; Volume 190, January 2018, Pages 327-336

"Versatile Fe-containing hydroxyapatite nanomaterials as efficient substrates for lead ions adsorption"
Mercado, D.F., Rubert, A., Magnacca, G., Malandrino, M., Sapino, S., Caregnato, P., Prevot, A.B., Gonzalez, M.C.
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; Volume 17, Issue 12, 2017, Pages 9081-9090

"Fluorescent silica nanoparticles with chemically reactive surface: Controlling spatial distribution in one-step synthesis"
Vera, M.L., Cánneva, A., Huck-Iriart, C., Requejo, F.G., Gonzalez, M.C., Dell'Arciprete, M.L., Calvo, A.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science; Volume 496, 15 June 2017, Pages 456-464

"Effect of silver nanoparticles on the photophysics of riboflavin: Consequences on the ROS generation"
Rivas Aiello, M.B., Romero, J.J., Bertolotti, S.G., Gonzalez, M.C., Mártire, D.O.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C; Volume 120, Issue 38, 29 September 2016, Pages 21967-21975

"Delivery of fluorophores by calcium phosphate-coated nanoliposomes and interaction with Staphylococcus aureus biofilms"
Rivero Berti, I., Dell’ Arciprete, M.L., Dittler, M.L., Miñan, A., Fernández Lorenzo de Mele, M., Gonzalez, M.
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces; Volume 142, 1 June 2016, Pages 214-222


"Versatile silicon nanoparticles with potential uses as photoluminiscent sensors and photosensitizers"
Caregnato, P., Dell'Arciprete, M.L., Gonzalez, M.C., Lillo, C.R., Rodríguez, H.B., Romero, J.J
Photochemistry, Volume 44, 2017, Pages 324-347

"Polyethylene glycol-coated blue-emitting silicon dots with improved properties for uses in aqueous and biological environments"
Rodríguez Sartori, D., Lillo, C.R., Romero, J.J., Laura Dell'Arciprete, M.L., Miñán, A., Fernández Lorenzo De Mele, M., Gonzalez, M.C.
Nanotechnology, Volume 27, Issue 47, 24 October 2016, Article number 475704

"Impact of iron incorporation on 2-4 nm size silicon nanoparticles properties"
Romero, J.J., Wegmann, M.c, Rodríguez, H.B., Lillo, C., Rubert, A., Klein, S., Kotler, M.L., Kryschi, C., Gonzalez, M.C.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Volume 119, Issue 10, 12 March 2015, Pages 5739-5746

"Photoinduced transformation of waste-derived soluble bio-based substances"

Avetta, P., Berto, S., Bianco Prevot, A., Minella, M., Montoneri, E., Persico, D., Vione, D., Gonzalez, M.C., Mártire, D.O., Carlos, L., Arques, A.
Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 274, August 05, 2015, Pages 247-255

"Organic-Coating of 1-2 nm Size Silicon Nanoparticles: Effect on the Particle Properties."
Cristian R. Lillo, Juan J. Romero, Manuel Llansola Portolés, Reinaldo Pis Diez, Paula C. Caregnato, and Mónica C. Gonzalez.
Nano Research, Volume 8, Issue 6, 22 April 2015, Pages 2047-2062

"Impact of Iron Incorporation on 2-4 nm Size Silicon Nanoparticles Properties."
Romero, Juan J.; Wegmann, Mark; Rodríguez, Hernán B.; Lillo, Cristian; Rubert, Aldo; Klein, Stefanie; Kotler, Mónica; Kryschi, Carola; Gonzalez, Monica.
J. Phys. Chem. C, 2015, 119, 5739-5746.

"Photoinduced transformation of waste-derived soluble bio-based substances."
P. Avetta, S. Berto, A. Bianco Prevot, M. Minella, E. Montoneri, D. Persico, D. Vione, M. C. Gonzalez, D. O. Mártire, L. Carlos, A. Arques.
Chemical Engineering J., 2015, 274, 247-255.

"Properties of singlet and triplet excited states of hemicyanine dyes".

D.O. Mártire, W. Massad, H. Montejano, M.C. González, P. Caregnato, L.S. Villata y N.A. García.
Short Communication. Chemical Papers 68(8), 1137-1140 (2014).

"Effect of Concentration on the Formation of Rose Bengal Triplet State on Microcrystalline cellulose: A Combined Laser-Induced Optoacoustic Spectroscopy, Diffuse Reflectance Flash photolysis, and Luminescence Study".

Y. Litman, M.G. Voss, H.B. Rodríguez y E. San Román.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118(45), 10531-10537 (2014).

"Paramagnetic Iron-Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles with Improved Metal Sorption Properties. A Bioorganic Substrates-Mediated Synthesis".
D.F. Mercado, G. Magnacca, M. Malandrino, A. Rubert, E. Montoneri, L. Celi, A. Bianco Prevot y M.C. Gonzalez.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 6(6), 3937-3946 (2014).

"Waste sourced bio-based substances for solar-driven wastewater remediation: Photodegradation of emerging pollutants".
J. Gomis, A. Bianco Prevot, E. Montoneri, M.C. González, A.M. Amat, D.O. Mártire, A. Arques y L. Carlos.
Chemical Engineering Journal 235(1), 236-243 (2014).

"Novel Magnetite Nanoparticles Coated with Waste-Sourced Biobased Substances as Sustainable and Renewable Adsorbing Materials".

G. Magnacca, A. Allera, E. Montoneri, L. Celi, D.E. Benito, L.G. Gagliardi, M.C. Gonzalez, D.O. Mártire y L.Carlos.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2(6),  1518-1524 (2014).

"Oxidized Silicon Nanoparticles and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Radiation Therapy".
S. Klein, A. Sommer, M.L. Dell'Arciprete, M. Wegmann, S.V. Ott, L.V.R. Distel, W. Neuhuber, M.C. Gonzalez y C. Kryschi.
Journal of Nanomaterials & Molecular Nanotechnologyy Páginas: S2:002 (DOI: 10.4172/2324-8777.S2-002).

"Application of soluble bio-organic substances (SBO) as photocatalysts for wastewater treatment: Sensitizing effect and photo-Fenton-like process".

J. Gomis, R.F. Vercher, A.M. Amat, D.O. Mártire, M.C. González, A. Bianco Prevot, E.  Montoneri,  A. Arques y L.  Carlos.
Catalysis Today 209,  176-180 (2013).

"Oxidized silicon nanoparticles for radiosensitization of cancer and tissue cells".
S. Klein, M.L. Dell'Arciprete, M. Wegmann, L.V.R. Distel, W. Neuhuber, M.C. Gonzalez y C. Kryschi.
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 434 (2),  217-222 (2013).

"Evaluation of the Hg2+ binding potential of fulvic acids from fluorescence excitation-emission matrices".
A.M. Berkovic, F.S. García Einschlag, M.C. Gonzalez, R. Pis Diez y D.O. Mártire.
Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 12 (2), 384-392 (2013).

"Photoluminescent 1-2 nm sized silicon nanoparticles: A surface-dependent system".
J.J. Romero, M.J. Llansola-Portolés, M.L. Dell'Arciprete, H.B. Rodríguez, A.L. Moore y M.C. Gonzalez.
Chemistry of Materials 25 (17),  3488-3498 (2013).

"Chloride anion effect on the advanced oxidation processes of methidathion and dimethoate: Role of Cl2 - radical".
P. Caregnato, J.A. Rosso, J.M. Soler, A. Arques, D.O. Mártire y M.C. Gonzalez.
Water Research 47 (1), 351-362 (2013).

"Silanization effect on the photoluminescence characteristics of crystalline and amorphous silicon nanoparticles".

P. Caregnato, M.L. Dell'Arciprete y M.C. Gonzalez.
Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 12 (9), 1658-1665 (2013).

"One-electron oxidation of antioxidants: A kinetic-thermodynamic correlation ".

L.S. Villata, A.M. Berkovic, M.C. Gonzalez y D.O. Mártire .
Redox Report 18 (5),  205-209 (2013).

"Effect of concentration on the photophysics of dyes in light-scattering materials".

H.B. Rodríguez y E. San Román.
Photochemistry and Photobiology 89 (6), 1273-1282 (2013).

"Evidence on dye clustering in the sensitization of TiO2 by aluminum phthalocyanine".
H.B. Rodríguez, Y. Di Iorio, J.M. Meichtry, M.A. Grela, M.I. Litter y E. San Román.
Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 12 (11), 1984-1990 (2013).