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Listado de publicaciones recientes - Síntesis, propiedades y aplicaciones de macromoléculas

"Fumarate Copolymer–Chitosan Cross-Linked Scaffold Directed to Osteochondrogenic Tissue Engineering"
María Laura Lastra, María Silvina Molinuevo, Ana María Cortizo and María Susana Cortizo
Macromolecular Bioscience, Version of Record online : 28 NOV 2016, DOI: 10.1002/mabi.201600219

"Ultrasonic compatibilization of polyelectrolyte complex based on polysaccharides for biomedical applications"

Belluzo, M.S., Medina, L.F., Cortizo, A.M., Cortizo, M.S.
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, Volume 30, May 2016, Pages 1-8

"Tautomerizable β-ketonitrile copolymers for bone tissue engineering: Studies of biocompatibility and cytotoxicity".
M.L. Lastra, M.S. Molinuevo, J.M. Giussi,  P.E. Allegretti, I. Blaszczyk-Lezak, C. Mijangos y M.S. Cortizo.
Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl. 51, 256-262 (2015).

"Solvent effect in keto–enol tautomerism for a polymerizable β-ketonitrile monomer. Spectroscopy and theoretical study"
Juan M. Giussi, Belén Gastaca, Martín J. Lavecchia, Mercedes Schiavoni, M. Susana Cortizo, Patricia E. Allegretti
Journal of Molecular Structure, Volume 1081, 5 February 2015, Pages 375–380

"Tautomeric acetoacetate monomers as building units of functional copolymers".
J.M. Giussi, I.  Blaszczyk-Lezak, B. Sanz, P.E. Allegretti, C. Mijangos y M.S. Cortizo.
European Polymer Journal 59, 84-93 (2014).

"Fumarate/ceramic composite based scaffolds for tissue engineering: evaluation of hydrophylicity, degradability, toxicity and biocompatibility".
J.M. Fernández, M.S. Cortizo y A.M. Cortizo.
Journal of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering 4(3), 227-234 (2014).

"Effect of polymer structure on the molecular dynamics and thermal behavior of poly(allyl acetoacetate) and copolymers".
K. Grzybowska, Z. Wojnarowska, A. Grzybowski, M. Paluch, J.M. Giussi, M.S. Cortizo, I. Blaszczyk-Lezak  y C. Mijangos.
Polymer  55(4), 1040-1047 (2014).

"In-situ polymerization of styrene in AAO nanocavities".
J.M. Giussi, I. Blaszczyk-Lezak, M.S. Cortizo y C. Mijangos.
Polymer (United Kingdom) 54(26), 6886-6893 (2013).

"Tautomerizable styrenic copolymers confined in AAO templates".
J.M. Giussi, I. Blaszczyk-Lezak, P.E. Allegretti, M.S. Cortizo y C. Mijangos.
Polymer (United Kingdom) 54 (18),  5050-5057 (2013).

"Fumarate copolymers-based membranes overlooking future transdermal delivery devices: synthesis and properties".

M. Pasqualone, T.G. Oberti, H.A. Andreetta y M.S.  Cortizo.
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 24(7), 1683-1692 (2013).