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Listado de publicaciones recientes - Adsorción Fisicoquímica sobre Sólidos Heterogéneos y Nanoestructurados

"Bioinspired integrated nanosystems based on solid-state nanopores: “iontronic” transduction of biological, chemical and physical stimuli"
Pérez-Mitta, G., Albesa, A.G., Trautmann, C.b, Toimil-Molares, M.E., Azzaroni, O.
Chemical Science, Volume 8, Issue 2, 2017, Pages 890-913

"The Influence of Divalent Anions on the Rectification Properties of Nanofluidic Diodes: Insights from Experiments and Theoretical Simulations"
Pérez-Mitta, G., Albesa, A.G., Toimil Molares, M.E., Trautmann, C., Azzaroni, O.
ChemPhysChem, 5 September 2016, Pages 2718-2725

"Metal-Organic Frameworks Help Conducting Polymers Optimize the Efficiency of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Neutral Solutions"
Rafti, M., Marmisollé, W.A., Azzaroni, O.
Advanced Materials Interfaces, Volume 3, Issue 16, 19 August 2016, Article number 1600047

"Evidence of Gate-Opening on Xenon Adsorption on ZIF-8: An Adsorption and Computer Simulation Study"

Gallaba, D.H., Albesa, A.G., Migone, A.D.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Volume 120, Issue 30, 4 August 2016, Pages 16649-16657

"Description of chemically and thermally treated multi-walled carbon nanotubes using sequential decomposition of adsorption isotherms"
Albesa, A.G., Rafti, M., Vicente, J.L.
Surface Review and Letters, Volume 23, Issue 4, 1 August 2016, Article number 1650025

"Low-pressure equilibrium binary argon-methane gas mixture adsorption on exfoliated graphite: Experiments and simulations"

Albesa, A., Russell, B., Vicente, J.L., Rafti, M.
Chemical Physics Letters, Volume 650, 16 April 2016, Pages 130-137

"Molecular transport properties of ZIF-8 thin films in aqueous environments: The critical role of intergrain mesoporosity as diffusional pathway"
Tuninetti, J.S., Rafti, M., Andrieu-Brunsen, A., Azzaroni, O.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Volume 220, 15 January 2016, Pages 253-257

"Host-guest supramolecular chemistry in solid-state nanopores: potassium-driven modulation of ionic transport in nanofluidic diodes"

Pérez-Mitta, G., Albesa, A.G., Knoll, W., Trautmann, C., Toimil-Molares, M.E., Azzaroni, O.
Nanoscale, Volume 7, Issue 38, 14 October 2015, Pages 15594-15598

"Traveling interface modulations and isotropic front propagation in ammonia oxidation over Rh(110)".
M. Rafti; B. Borkenhagen; G. Lilienkamp; F. Lovis; T. Smolinsky; R. Imbihl.
The Journal of chemical physics, Vol. 148, Numb.18, pp. 184701 (2015). Código ISBN/ISSN:  ISSN : 0021-9606

"DNA damage induced by bare and loaded microporous coordination polymers from their ground and electronic excited states".
J.G. Yañuk; M.L. Alomar; M.M. Gonzalez; F. Simon; R. Erra-Balsells; M. Rafti; F.M. Cabrerizo.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol. 17, Num. 19, pg. 12462-12465 (2015). Código ISBN/ISSN:  ISSN : 1463-9076
http://www.doi: 10.1039/c5cp00308c.

"Early stages of ZIF-8 film growth: the enhancement effect of primers exposing sulfonate groups as surface-confined nucleation agents".
J.S. Tunienetti; M. Rafti; O. Azzaroni.
RSC Advances. Vol. 5, Num. 90, pg. 73958-73962 (2015) Código ISBN/ISSN:      ISSN : 2046-2069

"Excitability in the H2 +  O2 reaction on a Rh(110) surface induced by high coverages of coadsorbed potassium".
M. Rafti y R. Imbihil.
Journal of Chemical Physics 141, 2147071 - 2147075 (2014).

"Synthesis, characterization and applications of magnetic nanoparticles coated with porous films."
M. Rafti, L. Carlos, E. Flores, J. Llanos, E. Fertitta y J.L. Vicente.
The Journal of the Argentine Chemical Society 101(1-2). 13-228 (2014)

"Thermodynamic analysis of adsorption models of phenol in liquid phase on different activated carbons".
P.D. Húmpola, H.S. Odetti, A.E. Fertitta y J.L. Vicente.
Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society 58 (1), 1541-1544 (2013).

"Adsorption of phenols from different solvents on graphene: Semi-empirical quantum mechanical calculations".
P. Húmpola, H.S. Odetti, A.G.  Albesa y J.L. Vicente.
Adsorption Science and Technology 31(4), 359-371 (2013).

"Description of different solid adsorbent surfaces adsorption mechanisms based on a sequential decomposition of isotherms".

P.D. Humpola, H.S. Odetti, E.S.E. Flores y J.L. Vicente.
Surface Review and Letters 20 (2), art. no. 1350022 (2013).

"NO + NH3 reaction over polycrystalline Pt: Numerical analysis of spatio-temporal data and evidence of non-linear behavior".
M. Rafti, A.G. Albesa y J.L. Vicente.
Chemical Physics 415, 56-63 (2013).

"Trivalent cations switch the selectivity in nanopores".
A.G. Albesa, M.  Rafti y J.L. Vicente.
Journal of Molecular Modeling 19(6), 2183-2188 (2013).

"Adsorption of Phenols from Different Solvents on Graphene: Semi-Empirical Quantum Mechanical Calculations".
P.D. Húmpola, H.S. Odetti, A.G. Albesa y J.L. Vicente.
Adsorption Science & Technology 31(4), 359-371 (2013).

"Methane Adsorption Over Highly Defective Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes: Monte Carlo Simulations".

A.G. Albesa, M. Rafti y J.L. Vicente.
Journal of Surfaces and Interfaces of Materials 1(1), 43-48 (2013).