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Listado de publicaciones recientes - Electroquímica y Ciencia de Materiales

"High resistivity lipid bilayers assembled on polyelectrolyte multilayer cushions: An impedance study"
Diamanti, E., Gregurec, D., Rodríguez-Presa, M.J., Gervasi, C.A., Azzaroni, O., Moya, S.E.
Langmuir, Volume 32, Issue 25, 28 June 2016, Pages 6263-6271

"Spatio-temporal morphology changes in and quenching effects on the 2D spreading dynamics of cell colonies in both plain and methylcellulose-containing culture media"
Muzzio, N.E., Pasquale, M.A., Huergo, M.A.C., Bolzán, A.E., González, P.H., Arvia, A.J.
Journal of Biological Physics, Volume 42, Issue 3, 1 June 2016, Pages 477-502

"Structural and spectroscopic study of a pectin isolated from citrus peel by using FTIR and FT-Raman spectra and DFT calculations"
Bichara, L.C., Alvarez, P.E., Fiori Bimbi, M.V, Vaca, H., Gervasi, C., Brandán, S.A.
Infrared Physics and Technology, Volume 76, 1 May 2016, Pages 315-327

"Chemical composition and electronic structure of anodic passive films on low-C 13CrNiMo stainless steel"
Gervasi, C.A., Méndez, C.M., Bolzán, A.E., Bilmes, P.D., Llorente, C.L.
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, Volume 20, Issue 4, 1 April 2016, Pages 1065-1074

"Iron cycling during the autocatalytic decomposition of benzoic acid derivatives by Fenton-like and photo-Fenton techniques"
Nichela, D.A., Donadelli, J.A., Caram, B.F., Haddou, M., Rodriguez Nieto, F.J., Oliveros, E., García Einschlag, F.S.
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volume 170-171, July 01, 2015, Pages 312-321

"Optimization of the surface properties of nanostructured Ni-W alloys on steel by a mixed silane layer"
Quiroga Argañaraz, M.P., Ramallo-López, J.M., Benítez, G., Rubert, A., Prieto, E.D., Gassa, L.M., Salvarezza, R.C., Vela, M.E.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Volume 17, Issue 21, 7 June 2015, Pages 14201-14207

"Electrochemical Preparation and Characterization of Polypyrrole/Stainless Steel Electrodes Decorated with Gold Nanoparticles".
E. Gutiérrez Pineda, F. Alcaide, M.J. Rodríguez Presa, A.E. Bolzán y C.A. Gervasi.
Applied  Materials and  Interfaces 7, 2677-2687 (2015)

"Blasting and passivation treatments for ASTM F139 stainless steel for biomedical applications: Effects on surface roughness, hardening and localized corrosion".
A.L. Lemos Barboza, K. Won Kang, R.D. Bonetto, C.L.Llorente, P.D. Bilmes y C.A. Gervasi.
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 24, 175-184 (2015).

"Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in HCl solution by pectin".
M.V. Fiori-Bimbi, P.E. Alvarez, H. Vaca y C.A. Gervasi.
Corrosion Science 92, 192-199 (2015)

"Dynamic scaling analysis of 2D cell colony fronts in a gel medium. A biological system approaching a quenched Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality".
M.A.C. Huergo,  M.A. Pasquale,  P.H. González, A.E. Bolzán, y A.J. Arvia.
Physical Review E 90, 022706 (2014).

"Comparative EIS Study of the Adsorption and Electro-oxidation of Thiourea and Tetramethylthiourea on Gold Electrodes".
A.E. Bolzán y L.M. Gassa.
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 44  279-292 (2014).

"Optimization of sequential alkaline-acid fractionation of pine sawdust for a biorefinery".
R.B. Stoffel, F.E. Felissia, A.A. Da Silva Curvelo, L.M. Gassa y M.C. Area.
Industrial Crops and Products 61,  160-168 (2014).

"Electrochemical determination of the glass transition temperature of thin polyelectrolyte brushes at solid-liquid interfaces by impedance spectroscopy".
T. Alonso-García, M.J. Rodríguez-Presa, C. Gervasi, S. Moya y O. Azzaroni.
Analytical Chemistry 85 (14), 6561-6565 (2013).

"Electrodeposition of copper on glassy carbon electrodes in the presence of picolinic acid".
A.E. Bolzán.
Electrochimica Acta 113,  706-718 (2013).

"Electronic structure of tin passive films and its influence on the corrosion of the base metal".

C.A. Gervasi, P.A. Palacios, P.E. Alvarez, M.V. Fiori-Bimbi y S.A. Brandan.
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (26),  9115-9120 (2013).